Information on TFO

Technologische Fachoberschule Bruneck (Technical Secondary School Brunico) is a vocational secondary school, which means graduates from this school can either enter the workforce directly or further their education at a university.

Subsequent to attending the 1st and 2nd forms, students then choose which branch they would like to continue in. The following branches are available at Technologische Fachoberschule Bruneck:

  • Chemistry, Materials, and Biotechnology, with the focus being on Environmental Biotechnology
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering, with the focus being on Automation
  • Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, and Energy

In addition to the above-mentioned branches, students can choose from the following branches at other technological secondary schools in the South Tirol:

  • Civil Engineering, Environment, and Land-use Planning (Bolzano, Merano)
  • Graphics and Communication (Bressanone)
  • Computer Science and Telecommunication (Bressanone, Bolzano)
  • Agriculture, Foodstuffs, and Production (Ora)
  • Transportation and Logistics (Bolzano)

Students from other technical schools can, after completion of the 2nd form, transfer to TFO Bruneck, should they wish to attend one of the three branches offered here.

Generally speaking, students who have attended other secondary schools or vocational schools can also, after completion of the 2nd form, transfer to TFO Bruneck. However, qualifying examinations for various subjects, depending on which secondary school has been attended, must be taken.

The guiding principles at THS

Our school is a five-year, technically oriented high school which enables its graduates to enter the workforce upon graduating or to go on to university. During the first two years students receive instruction in general educational subjects. Upon completing the first two years, students then choose to continue their studies in a branch which most interests them: Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Informatics, or Chemistry with Emphasis on Environmental- and Biotechnology. State-of-the-art equipment and openness towards innovation are the foundations upon which our work is based. We attend subject-specific and didactic courses in order to further qualify us and keep us up to date in the field of education. We orient ourselves towards the following guiding principles:

  • We respect others
  • We help each other
  • A close interconnection between theory and practice are important
  • Working independently and responsibly is important
  • We work together with parents, the workforce, other schools, and other institutions
  • We strive for transparency

THS – just for boys?

There is a preconception that this school is only suited for boys, as it is more technically and scientifically oriented than it is general educational. It is correct that the students spend a lot of time in the workshops, in the drawing rooms, computer rooms, the various labs for chemistry, physics, and biology in order to have hand-on experiences. It is an incorrect assumption, however, that our school is primarily for boys.

Why shouldn’t girls have a practical or technical vocation?

Why shouldn’t girls be in a laboratory or in a workshop? Why shouldn’t girls be confronted with computer problems? Who says that these fields are just for the male sex? If girls like solving complex, challenging tasks, if they enjoy working in technical and scientific fields, then ths is the ideal school for them. The girls at our school do not feel disadvantaged or that they are not as qualified as the boys. The boys are respectful towards the girls and do not make them feel that they are at the wrong type of school.


Technical High School Bruneck
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